Pumpcoinbets Emerges As A Trusted Platform That Supports And Promotes NFT Projects

Kiattichai Rakkong, the CEO and Founder of the platform, operates Telegram and Twitter account for sharing the proper crypto knowledge, insights and information.

Over the years, people have heard enough about the growth of various industries and the emergence of several professionals who led their companies and brands to reach the next level of success in their respective industries. Among these, the growth of the crypto and the whole digital financial sector have attracted maximum attention of people and organizations, who now make sure to work around crypto and gain significant profits through different NFT projects and communities. However, still, people lack the right kind of knowledge and insights to get going in the field and make informed decisions. This is when Pumpcoinbets enters the picture and tries to change people’s mindsets for the better as a one-of-a-kind crypto streamer and reviewer.

Kiattichai Rakkong is the young talented being behind the inception of Pumpcoinbets, who, as the CEO and Owner, has made sure to enhance the crypto experience of people in the field by sharing news, facts, and reviews through his Telegram and Twitter channels. Recently Pumpcoinbets promoted an NFT project to help it gain more allowlist sponsors and promoters. The group has now even joined hands with Spywolf Crypto Security Agency for working on verified and authentic projects in the industry. Not just that, Kiattichai has built a strong team of professionals in the crypto space who run a crypto investor group to extend support to the newly launched projects further. They incepted “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) campaigns to interview varied projects and share reviews with people.

Kiattichai and Peter (AMA Host and Representative) are at the forefront of the group offering various opportunities. They are also operating globally as the AMAs are shared across Telegram and Twitter channels. They share everything from AMA sessions, project reviews, giveaway information, allowlists, new projects information, established projects, and much more on these platforms.

Pumpcoinbets is also known for its massive giveaways on its Twitter handle, and quite recently, it gave one of the most considerable giveaway amounts of $40,000 worth BTC. They are all about bringing safe and exciting projects to the investors