eCash (XEC) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

The crypto network “eCash” markets itself as “wealth reinvented.” With greater transactional speed, eCash is utilized for transfers all over the world without even a financial institution.

The Bitcoin Cash ABC network, which consists of a group of seasoned professionals, launched in 2017. Is a successor of the Bitcoin cash project that led up to eCash. Besides, eCash (XEC) aims to establish itself as a more widely accepted coin that can be deployed for daily transactions. 

Amidst the growing volatility and challenges in the crypto market. Traders and investors are becoming increasingly concerned about the network’s persistent pileups and delays. Are you looking at XEC’s long-term prospects? Do not fret! This eCash price prediction for 2022 and beyond will unfold every possible phase for you.


Cryptocurrency eCash
Token XEC
USD Price $0.00003897
Market Cap $745,372,552
Trading Volume $4,291,793
Circulating Supply 19,125.25B XEC
All-time high $0.0005926 (November 10th, 2021)
All-time low $0.0000173 (July 20th, 2021)

*The statistics are from press time.

eCash (XEC) Price Prediction

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2022 $0.0000443 $0.0000503 $0.0000586
2023 $0.0000538 $0.0000725 $0.0000981
2024 $0.0000785 $0.000111 $0.000171
2025 $0.000136 $0.000183 $0.000254

XEC Price Prediction For 2022

The coin did not have a brilliant new year as it was under a bearish market and was trading at about $0.00011 on the 1st of January. As the month unfolded further it only brought doom for XEC as its cost further rolled down to $0.00007. Ahead, the token stuck around this price until the 17th of March when its value further dropped to $0.00008.

April brought some hope when its value legged up to $0.0001 on the 3rd of April. Unfortunately, the uptrend was short-lived as the price railed down to $0.00009 on the 11th of April. The value kept on sliding down to reach $0.00004 on the 14th of May. 

The second quarter hasn’t been kind to XEC. The value of the token has decreased by over 60% since the start of the year. At the time of writing the coin was seen trading at $0.000038

eCash Price Prediction For Q3

Instantaneous transactions are made possible by the layer of “Avalanche” proof of stake consensus that is implemented into the eCash infrastructure. The maximum verification transaction time is almost just under one second which makes it ultra fast for users. That being said, a possible boost is user base can peak its price at $0.0000487.

The price could drop to its critical level of $0.0000359 if it picks up speed from the lows. However, if buying and selling pressures are balanced, the value may end up at $0.0000423.

eCash Price Forecast For Q4

The cost of XEC can rise significantly if the developers bring in crucial updates to reduce system workload and improve its adaptability. The cost could increase to a maximum of $0.0000586 in this case.

On contrary, if there aren’t any updates, the network may experience saturation. That being said, the cost may fall to at least $0.0000443. Given the linear price trajectory’s restrictions, the average price may end up at $0.0000503.

XEC Price Forecast For 2023

Ethereum DeFi is enhanced by the eCash network’s support for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM compatibility). The consumer of EVM can create financial programs, goods, and services. Furthermore, the POS consensus eliminates the requirement for miners. This will help in the greater utility of the token which shoots up its price at $0.0000981.

However, if the asset continues to be more susceptible to inflation and many other adversities, the cost may end up at $0.0000538. Eventually, a balance between the pressures of buyers and sellers could bring the price to $0.0000725.

XEC Price Prediction For 2024

The crew behind eCash might employ resolutions to the framework, whilst debugging errors and possible loopholes in the system. Furthermore, community-driving initiatives would catalyze XEC’s price in the thick of Bitcoin’s halving event. Successively, the price of XEC could propel to its potential high of $0.000171

Conversely, the lack of bullish volumes resulting from a dearth of interest amongst marketers could knock the price down to $0.0000785. On the contrary, an equilibrium in trade orders could settle XEC at an average price of $0.000111.   

eCash Price Prediction For 2025

eCash employs the CashFusion protocol, which enables users to preserve the supply cap and retain sender anonymity in comparison to certain other operations. Additionally, due to this, not all chain analysis organizations can trace eCash XEC transactions. 

This will provide additional security to users which stimulate its price in 2025. Hence, XEC can peak at $0.000254. Future regulations may have an impact on price changes, which could draw the minimum cost to  $0.000136 by the end of 2025. The average price may reach $0.000183 if the bullish and bearish targets are taken into account.

What Does The Market Say?

Wallet Investor

According to Wallet Investor, the value of XEC will end 2022 at its theoretical high of $0.00000513. Despite this, analysts at the company predict that by the end of 2022, a balance between purchasing and selling forces will drive the cost to $0.00000342.

Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts expects the eCash price to close in 2022 with the highest price of $0.0000744. The firm anticipates a floor price of $0.0000506 and an average price of $0.0000595

According to analysts, XEC’s maximum exchange rate by 2025 will likely be $0.0001652. Conversely, $0.0001123 and $0.0001321 are projected as the average and minimum values, respectively.

Digital Coin Price

As per Digital Coin Price by the conclusion of 2022, the altcoin’s value is forecast to increase to a peak of $0.0000548. The lowest and average targets set by the company for the year are $0.0000476 and $0.0000506, respectively. The highest closing estimates for 2025 have been established by the experts at $0.00033.

According to the XEC price prediction by The altcoin’s value could shoot up to its maximum of $0.00005346 by the end of 2022. The company further expects the highest annual closure of 2023 at $0.00008261 and 2025 at $0.00016847.

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CoinPedia’s eCash Price Prediction

The presence of XEC in Defi may encourage a price gradient northward. It might point to specific partnerships to leverage its resources to Defi. Moreover, its high-end security features may also draw a large number of new customers.

According to Coinpedia’s eCash price forecast, the value of XEC might increase to $0.000058 in 2022. On the other hand, if the network takes longer than expected to collaborate and upgrade the price can flip downwards. By the end of 2022, the price may fall to as low as $0.000045.

What Is eCash (XEC)?

Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA), which is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash, is now known as ECash (XEC) (BCH). It describes itself to be a “cryptocurrency intended for employment as electronic money.” The sole purpose of ECash is to be a medium of payment for making payments for goods and services. 

On July 1st, 2021, the coin underwent a rebranding, and ever since, it has made an effort to stand apart from its ancestor. Bits, the foundational units of eCash, takes the role of Bitcoin Cash ABC’s cumbersome decimal places. When using eCash, you could transfer 10 bits rather than 0.00001000 BTC.

Additionally, XEC is more rapid and affordable than conventional payment options like PayPal or bank cards. Transactions occur instantly between people instead of via a third party like a bank, making it more confidential and safe.

Fundamental Analysis

Amaury Sechet, the main inventor of ECash (XEC), who cloned the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network to create Bitcoin Cash ABC. Which served as the forerunner to eCash (BCHABC). The eCash mechanism outperforms Bitcoin Cash ABC in terms of efficiency and usability. 

Sechet then decided to redesign Bitcoin Cash ABC to create a new corporate image for eCash. Arguing that a decrease in decimal digits will aid in the coin’s implementation. eCash’s (XEC creators) want the coin to enable EVM compliance and to work with Ethereum’s DeFi industry on ETH.

When transmitting payments, eCash can do so without using cumbersome decimal places by deploying a base unit of “bits”. To expedite payment processing, eCash has also included a proof-of-stake consensus layer called “Avalanche.” This layer takes the game to an entirely next level.

Historical Market Sentiments on XEC


  • eCash had a sluggish start, trading at about $0.00002 throughout the majority of July 2021. 
  • Later, the price of XEC began to rise and increased throughout August, reaching $0.00008
  • The price of XEC increased significantly in September, peaking at roughly $0.0004 on September 4th. 
  • Although XEC experienced a little price fall following this, it has since been trading in the range of $0.0002-$0.0003.

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Q: Is eCash Worth Buying?

A: Yes, as eCash’s future is predicted to be bullish based on our forecast system because of its strong fundamentals and high-end privacy.

Q: Will XEC Price Go Up?

A: Yes, the eCash can potentially strike new heights in the future if the team comes up with newer upgrades and collaborations.

Q: How high will the eCash price climb by the end of 2022?

A: According to our XEC price prediction, the price of the altcoin could rise to a maximum of $0.0000586 by the end of 2022. 

Q: What will be the worth of XEC by 2025?

A: XEC can reach the maximum price of $0.000254 by 2025 with an average trading price of $0.000183.

Q: Where can I buy eCash?

A: Currently, eCash is available on the most significant exchanges. Binance, BitFinex, CoinEx, BKEX, Hotbit, Huobi, OKEx, and others are a few of them.