SafeMoon hits 1 million app downloads ahead of V2 launch, while analysts expect 17% bull rally

  • John Karony, CEO of SafeMoon, affirms that the V2 contract is ready and currently undergoing quality checks.
  • SafeMoon holders expect a massive price rally in response to the V2 launch.
  • The V2 upgrade is likely to boost the utility of the token and change the consolidation formula.
  • SafeMoon CEO destroys uncertainty around the V2 launch at AIBC Summit. 

SafeMoon won the “Crypto Community of the Year” award at the AIBC Gaming Summit in Malta. The token is set to be upgraded to V2. SafeMoon is on its way to gaining wider adoption and an increase in use-cases for the token. 

Analysts expect SafeMoon price rally to $0.00050000 in the ongoing bull run

The SafeMoon V2 upgrade is considered an opportunity to make the cryptocurrency a top contender among tokens. The upgrade will likely attract new users to the SafeMoon ecosystem and propel the token’s price higher. 

The token has posted a nearly 6.9% gain following the upcoming V2 upgrade and the AIBC award. SafeMoon is trading at $0.00000341, and the 24-hour trade volume has crossed $10.7 million. 

SafeMoon market capitalization has crossed $1.9 billion, and analysts have predicted a 17% price rally in the token. 

Bob Mason, a cryptocurrency analyst, expects the token to hit $0.00000400 based on the recent price trend. Mason has predicted a trend reversal in SafeMoon price and a 17% price rally in the ongoing bull run. 

SafeMoon team recently posted an update on the V2 upgrade informing users that the contract is ready and the project has moved to the quality assurance stage.

The project has notoriously missed deadlines previously for its app launch, and there is uncertainty surrounding the upcoming V2 upgrade. John Karony, CEO of SafeMoon, addressed the fear and uncertainty in his keynote address at the AIBC Summit. 

SafeMoon’s upgrade would implement a 1000:1 consolidation (similar to a reverse stock split) and increase the security and accessibility of the token.

Ahead of the V2 launch announcement, SafeMoon app downloads have crossed 1 million alongside the addition of 700,000 new token holders.