Bitrise Has Become a Tough Challenger for Safemoon, Says Crypto Community

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – November 11, 2021) – Safemoon has a Tough challenger, Bitrise Coin. There has not been very positive news about Safemoon over the last few months. Safemoon investors are worried about the coin’s performance, and its eventual bow down to competition. This means the future of Safemoon is not as it was in April when Safemoon reached an all-time high price.


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Among the crypto coins likely to upset Safemoon is the Bitrise coin, which is the fastest growing crypto as of writing. The coin was launched at the end of July. Shiba Inu is another coin that has been doing very well since it was launched in August. However, experts have put Safemoon against Bitrise, which is now being taunted as the next ‘Safemoon.’

These are just two of the crypto coins challenging the dominance of Safemoon, and some like Bitrise are putting up a very tough competition to Safemoon based on the products offered, among many other features. From the powerful wallet to the exchanges, among many other products, the coin is one of toughest Safemoon competitors.

A look at the recent charts shows that Safemoon has been on a downward trend since the start of November. Safemoon has also not been doing very well since its last all-time high around 21st April 2021. Despite a surge in mid-May, the next time Safemoon experienced bullish growth was the end of October.

It is also important to mention that Bitrise is one of the coins that Safemoon lost whales to a while back. This is just one of the signs that Safemoon is in deep trouble.

There are so many areas Safemoon is falling short. In the products, there is so much competition Safemoon is getting from the likes of Bitrise crypto coin. For instance, Safemoon wallet is deemed inferior to Bitrise dApp wallet.

The same goes for the Safemoon exchange compared to the exchanges from the competition. The number of products that the Safemoon ecosystem will host is smaller than competing coins. In the long run, less revenue will be generated on the Safemoon network, and this means the rewards from token staking will be less compared to platforms like Bitrise.

There has also been a big debate on Safemoon tokenomics. Most of the competing coins have more appealing and innovative tokenomics than Safemoon. Whereas the Bitrise coin has an automated buyback and burning process, Safemoon is burning manually. This means the regulation of the Safemoon token liquidity is less transparent.

While still on the tokenomics, Safemoon does not offer investors better returns than competing companies like Bitrise. That’s the reason why over the last few weeks, there has been a mass movement of Safemoon community members joining Bitrise. This includes Safemoon whales. One of the reasons for this movement is better ROI from Safemoon competing coins.

Another factor that crypto experts have mentioned regarding the competitiveness of Safemoon coin is the speed of releasing products. Since the Safemoon token was launched, only the Safemoon has been released. All other Safemoon products are in the development stage. This is not the case with the Safemoon coin competition, like Bitrise, which in short has released multiple products, including a super dApp wallet.

With all these shortcomings when put against most of the competition, Safemoon is definitely in trouble. There is a lot that Safemoon team needs to do to make the coin competitive. Otherwise, few people will be interested in this Safemoon. This means low demand, and that’s how Safemoon’s coin value will crumble.

Safemoon members are now joining competing crypto coins, like Bitrise, in thousands, and this could continue if Safemoon team does not address the fundamental issues. However, Safemoon remains as one of the strong crypto coins, but the dominance might be short-lived.

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