Tamadoge became a huge success – Could Oryen be the next big DeFi Token as price during ICO surges 120%?

In the volatile cryptocurrency market, a trending ICO seems impossible. Due to waning crypto activity and fluctuating prices, many cryptocurrency projects have encountered growth difficulties. However, despite all odds, one cryptocurrency project is outperforming expectations and has increased 120% in less than two months. Users can earn industry-leading payouts by staking the native token, ORY.

In contrast to the competition, Oryen has kept up sustainable growth, attracting more users and raising the price of ORY. For ORY, which is just beginning its third presale phase in early November, this recurring success is just the start.

Tamadoge, on the other hand, uses NFT technology and is a play-to-earn game. Players can compete with their Tamadoge pets in the Tamaverse, and the top competitors share in the monthly TAMA prize fund.

Oryen was named one of 2022’s best DeFi coins by Business2Community, and several analysts believe it could trade as high as $2.50, a 25X increase from its current price. Analysts are confident that it can go much higher; even a price of $10 would not be surprising.

Oryen currently offers the highest stable returns in DeFi. Investors receive hourly payments from this optimistic rebase protocol, which has a remarkable daily Return On Investment (ROI) of 0.177%. In addition, investors will receive a fixed rate of 90% APY when they hold ORY in their wallets, demonstrating the strength of compound interest.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Since its listing, the token’s price has increased by +200%, and many people now view TAMA as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. This growth has undoubtedly been aided by being listed on the popularity of the OKX exchange. Notably, given the discounted price point at which they could purchase TAMA, presale investors are predicting more than 700% gains in the upcoming few months.

By exposing the token to a larger market audience, listing TAMA on significant centralized exchanges will cause a more rapid increase. In terms of price growth in the future. The Tamadoge team has already developed a native metaverse to draw new investors.

Even though the Tamadoge project is still developing, the team has impressive plans for the coin’s future, such as arcade games with a Tamadoge theme and even a mobile augmented reality app.

The Bottom Line

Its utilities and unique approach to staking have made Oryen’s ICO one of the most popular choices for investors in 2022. In essence, Oryen’s Autostaking Technic (OAT) will be crucial to accomplishing the current presale and attracting more investors. There is no better alternative passive income right now.

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