Mehracki (MKI), VeChain (VET), and Dogecoin (DOGE)

Cryptocurrencies are a fantastic tool for ensuring potentially huge returns if you manage to select the right mix of tokens. Crypto winter and dips are excellent periods to stock up on large volumes in order to potentially earn attractive profits once the bull bounce starts. After carrying out thorough research of the cryptocurrency markets, we have selected three cryptocurrency tokens that might witness a price spike as the broader markets recover. These three coins are Mehracki (MKI), VeChain (VET), and Dogecoin (DOGE). 

Mehracki will process cheap, fast, and borderless transactions for the tourism sector

The Mehracki ecosystem will primarily focus on cheaper and faster transactions for the tourism and hospitality industry. It will be powered by a native token represented by the ticker, MKI. The MKI Token will help in payments and will also be used to reward travelers. 

Business owners will be able to get in touch with customers directly and the cost of transactions is also expected to come down. Business enterprises will no longer have to worry about expensive commissions or extra charges. They will also be able to mint NFTs for providing customised offers and travel experiences for their users. Users will be able to collect NFTs, and the number of miles they accumulate and the transactions they complete will affect how rare they are. The higher the rarity, the better will be the rewards for the users. 

Holders of the MKI Token will benefit from staking and farming rewards. The Mehracki platform will charge a minor 0.5% transaction fee for all transactions. Unlike other sites, the fees are not dynamic but fixed so users will always know how much they will be paying to utilise the MKI network. 

For ensuring fast transactions and lower costs, the MKI Token has been deployed on Solana which is known for its high speed. The community will be governed as a DAO and users will get a say in deciding the future of the platform. 

The MKI Token is currently available on presale and can be accumulated at lower prices for potentially earning huge returns in the future once a rally begins in the cryptocurrency markets. 

VeChain giveaway for UFC event

VeChain has planned a reward for its users and will giveaway 12 tickets to eligible recipients for attending the UFC event in Las Vegas on 2nd July. VeChain recently entered into a partnership with UFC that is expected to provide a big push in terms of publicity for the VET Token. The VeChain network is a highly scalable and secure blockchain system that has never been hacked till now. It is widely used in the supply chain industry and has diversified its use cases to include smart contracts and NFTs. The native Token VET can also be considered for investment purposes as it has registered a huge price rise in the past. 

Whales accumulate Dogecoin as prices might rally soon

The Dogecoin community has rallied behind the token and a heavy accumulation period has begun spearheaded by whales. The DOGE Token might witness a price rally in the short term as bulls decide to push prices. Community members have supported Dogecoin in times of dip. The DOGE Token has registered a remarkable price rise in the past and looks poised for further growth in the long term. Matt Wallace, a crypto influencer and YouTuber has bet his YoutTube channel and has declared that he would delete it if DOGE does not hit $1 by the end of the year. With such enormous support, the future looks bright for the DOGE Token. It can also be added along with MKI and VET for potentially huge profits in the future. 

Adding cryptocurrencies during times of dip can be a good way of accumulating coins with strong utilities and potential for growth in the long term. Do your own research as cryptocurrencies tend to display volatility, especially in the short term.   

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