NFL Player Eric Ebron Buys his First BAYC NFT

NFL Tight End Eric Ebron buys his first-ever Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT. Ebron bought Bored Ape #6425 with a rarity score of 59.51 which sits as his Twitter display picture now.

Besides BAYC NFT #6425, Ebron also holds Mutant Ape #4347 among his other NFTs. The dark brown-furred Bored Ape #6425 rocks a Sleeveless Logo Tee and a Beanie on an Army Green background. It has bloodshot eyes with a bored mouth.

Cashtronaut who sold the ape to Ebron stated that “I’ve gotten to know him pretty well through the Chimpers community and it’s crazy how humble he is. I legit thought I was getting catfished at first but he’s just a Degen like us and I’m stoked that he’s in the BAYC finally!”

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