Safemoon & Babydoge Marketcap To Be Overtaken By Bitgert, Already Reached $500m Marketcap

The skyrocketing Bitgert marketcap has come after the launch of its revolutionary Bitgert BRC20 blockchain.

For those looking for the top best crypto projects of 2022, Bitgert must be top on your list. Bitgert is the hottest crypto coin in the crypto market right now. The Bitgert project just reached the $500m marketcap, making it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies of 2022.

The exciting thing about Bitgert is that the crypto community believes it will soon overtake Safemoon, Babydoge, Saitama Inu, and Floki Inu marketcaps. This is because of the pace at which the coin has been growing. Read more below on why Bitgert marketcap is skyrocketing:



The skyrocketing Bitgert marketcap has come after the launch of its revolutionary Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. Bitgert has the world’s first zero gas fee blockchain, and that’s it has been causing a lot of excitement in the industry. The cost of gas for transacting tokens on the Bitgert chain is only $0.0000000000001. The chain is also the fastest in the industry after hitting an impressive 100k TPS, faster than Solana’s 65K TPS. That’s why the marketcap has rapidly shot up to $500m.

The team is also bringing hundreds of products and projects on the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain to increase Brise chain adoption. The Bitgert Startup Studio is the first program that will bring hundreds of projects to the ecosystem. This will increase Bitgert adoption, and that’s how the marketcap will rapidly grow to overtake Safemoon, Babydoge, Saitama Inu, and Floki Inu marketcaps.



The performance of the Centcex coin has been impressive. The growth of the marketcap has also been one of the best in 2022. Although the Centcex market cap has have exploded like Bitgert, it has grown by over 100% in 2022, as of this writing. That’s how impressive Centcex has been. The project solely focuses on building a blockchain ecosystem with the largest number of high-quality cryptocurrency products.

Centcex investors will gain big from the 100% staking reward, which will be a huge passive income as the Lab develops and launches more products. Centcex will be one of the best rewarding crypto projects.



Safemoon has a large marketcap than Bitgert, but this lead might be short-lived. The pace at which Safemoon is developing and the legal issues facing this cryptocurrency might give the Bitgert project a perfect opportunity to overtake its marketcap. Already, Bitgert marketcap has passed the $500m mark, which gets it closer to Safemoon’s marketcap. So it is just a matter of time before the Safemoon market is overtaken by the fast-growing Bitgert. The Bitgert blockchain is the main product that will drive this growth.



The Babydoge is among the cryptocurrencies posting a very impressive performance in 2022. Did you know that Babydoge has a larger number of holders than Shiba Inu? Well, this is how impressive this dog coin has been. But with all this performance, there have been few efforts in product development. Apart from the Babydoge card and the mobile app, the team has not delivered like Bitgert. That’s why Bitgert marketcap is growing faster and might soon overtake Babydoge marketcap.


Floki Inu

The Floki Inu market cap is growing but not at the same pace as Bitgert. One of the biggest differences between these growths is the rate at which these projects are launching products. Bitgert is developing products fast, and the launch of the Brise blockchain has put it miles ahead of Floki Inu. That’s why Bitgert might overtake Floki marketcap now that it has reached the $500m mark. The Floki team will need to build its own blockchain to beat Bitgert chain.


Saitama Inu

The Saitama Inu marketcap is also about to be overtaken by Bitgert. With the Bitgert marketcap at $500m, it is just a few steps behind Saitama. But at the rate at which both projects are growing, Bitgert is coming out stronger than Saitama Inu. The Saitama team has launched a number of projects, like the SaitaMask, but it will need to more on delivering products. This includes building a more powerful blockchain that will rival the BRC20 blockchain.